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My Life Coaching and Consulting Expertise


In my life coaching and consulting practice, I will provide you with:

Over 30 years of experience in the study of Human Development and Psychology

Over 30 years of experience teaching and working as a psychologist and academic consultant and coach at Harvard University

Experience in evaluating the cognitive and neuropsychological functioning of patients at Massachusetts General Hospital


Experience with providing coaching and psychotherapy services in my private psychology practice for over 16 years 

I will also provide you with my experience in advocacy work:


 A few years ago, I was an advocate for students at a prestigious Ivy League University in their efforts to get better Mental Health coverage. I collected data from psychologists; I organized students willing to speak up. I created a comparative chart of the Mental Health benefits offered at most Ivy League Universities. These efforts culminated with a meeting gathering several deans, the CFO for Mental Health, and the directors of Mental Health of this Ivy League University. Since then, students' Mental Health Benefits have changed tremendously: students who only had 12 sessions per year now have 40 psychotherapy sessions per year. The enormity of the task required hundreds of hours of my time, all my organizational skills, my assertiveness and my unrelenting desire to not be silenced and dismissed. 

I offer consulting and coaching services in both English and French.  I enjoy working with people from all cultures and international backgrounds.

My approach is empathic, kind, respectful, and tuned to who you are.

We will build on your current skills and strengths and you will learn about the sometimes subtle thoughts, emotions or behaviors that bypass conscious awareness and can hinder your communication style, your problem-solving skills, your adjustment to your new country and your optimal thriving in your life journey.

PLEASE note that my consulting and coaching sessions offered here do NOT constitute psychotherapy and do not address mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse etc.  Please see a psychologist/therapist to get support with these issues so you can best use my consulting and coaching sessions.

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