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Life Coaching and Psychotherapy offer different forms of support. Here is a description of the differences to help clarify what I am offering as a coach that does NOT fall under a psychotherapy treatment.

Life Coaching                                                               Psychotherapy

Purpose:                                                                             Purpose:

To help attain specific goals and desires.                        To help relieve pain and symptoms

For example: increase self-esteem,                                  For example: help with depression,

be a more efficient manager                                             anxiety, panic attacks, trauma

Context:                                                                             Context:

Educational and developmental model                            Medical/clinical model

Personal growth, life transitions, etc.                               Diagnosable "illness"

Approach:                                                                          Approach:

Co-creation between coach and client                            Multiple therapeutic treatments:

Coach helps clients find their own answers.                  Psychodynamic, CBT, EMDR etc.

Health Insurance:                                                            Health Insurance:

Does NOT cover coaching; payment is                          Insurance typically covers therapy


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