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 I help adults of all backgrounds, artists, athletes, leaders, managers,

entrepreneurs and expatriates develop:

  • High-Level Communication Skills and Assertiveness in all Contexts (Work, Social Settings, with Family and Close friends)

  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills for Better Performance during Job Interviews, Athletic Competitions, Work Meetings, Exams

  • Efficient Cultural Transitions and Identity Development for Expatriates or Anyone Adjusting to a New Country, a new City, a new Home


The Benefits you will gain from my coaching include:

Increase in self-worth and in your ability to efficiently express your unique visions 

An increase in self-worth and communication skills will earn you more respect from your co-workers, employees, managers, family members and friends

Increase in self-awareness and in your ability to make mindful choices

Increase in focused attention as you harness your cognitive competences

Improved relationships as you express your authentic self and learn

non-violent communication methods

Increased ability to shift fluidly between cultural and social environments

Increased capacity to feel at ease in any environment and develop a sense of belonging

Increased ability to become an advocate for yourself and others

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